Пропайка s478; s754...

When I first started to remont Mobos I had 100% success with this kind of repair tehnology. But, as mobos start to come in larger number to be repaired demigaded socket was significant percentage in total of remonts.
I managed to safely determin if it`s "отвал" or not, but I face to another problem: If I whant to properly resolder socket (mainly s478 and s754) I have to use large quantity of liquid flux (I don`t know the russian term-sorry) about 0.7-1ml per socket. The side effect is that holes for CPU legs are filled with stiffed flux that`s behaving as isolator and there is no contact between CPU and socket inside of socket.
I tried to clean it with 98% alcohol that`s decomposing stiffed flux to liquid again but I can`t clean thoroughly inside of socket.
There must be some fines I need to know:) Suggestions?
Thank U in advance...

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I have new moment with this particular mobo: At first i had just POST C0(quick A8 and again C0).After overblowing socket I had FF. I took bottle of Acohol and use a great amount of it on socket it self. After 30 minutes I turn on mobo with CPU in it. FF again, but, when I press hardly on one edge of CPU cooler and took RESET I got C0-E1. After relesing cooler and RESET, again FF. Otval in it`s basic form! I blowed several times again and rising temperature from 350-385 grade celsius. Situacion the same. Can I use higher temperature then 400 grade? Or this socket is not posible to overblow and must bee replaced?
P.S. Question from first post is stial topical. Must I use large quantity of flux to solder and spend 5 cubics of alcohol and 2 hours to clean it or there is some simplier way?

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