TOSHIBA SATTELITE A210-19A after bios flashing POST CODE 38

Guy who brought computer said that he wanted to update bios him self and during procedure (in windows) something went bad and, after finishing, when you turn it on, just recive black screen. Before flashing, notebook worked 2 years without any problems. I downloaded bios file from toshiba and start Fn+F procedure from USB external floppy drive with crisdisk and BIOS file on it. He started to read BIOS from diskete and to flash it. After flashing situation was same. I tried with several diferent bios version and nothing changed. It starts normaly and stops on POST code 38.
I tried diferent memory modules and CPU, without HDD,DVD, Wireless and modem.
What could went wrong? Maybe it can`t be flashed from USB floppy?

Disassemble the laptop and I ask for bios programmer

Аватар пользователя max3

i will try to clarify what olgert meant:
disassemble the laptop and try to write(flash) chip with(on) programmer

p.s. could chip be defective ?

Аватар пользователя Jega

Thank`s boys for good advice. I found programmer and flashed chip succesfully. Toshiba is working now.

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