To start evaluating CM6800T from the exiting CM6800,

To start evaluating CM6800T from the exiting CM6800, CM6800A, or ML4800 board, 6 things need to be taken care before doing the fine tune:
1.) Change RAC resistor (on pin 2, IAC) from the old value to a higher resistor value between 4.7 Mega ohm to 8 Mega ohm. Start with 6 Mega ohm for RAC first.
2.) Change RTCT pin (pin 7) from the existing value to RT=5.88K ohm and CT=1000pF to have fpfc=68Khz, fpwm=68Khz, frtct=272Khz for CM6800T
3.) Adjust all high voltage resistor around 5 mega ohm or higher.
4.) VRMS pin(pin 4) needs to be 1.14V at VIN=80VAC for universal input application from line input from 80VAC to 270VAC.
5.) At full load, the average Veao needs to around 4.5V and the ripple on the Veao needs to be less than 250mV when the load triggers the light load comparator.
6.) Soft Start pin (pin 5), the soft start current has been reduced from CM6800's 20uA to CM6800T's 10uA.Soft Start capacitor can be reduced to 1/2 from your original CM6800 capacitor.