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BIOS: Asus P3B-F, ver. "Noa" (Tualatin Support)
Article: How to change motherboard to support of FCPGA/FCPGA2-cpu (Coppermine/Tualatin Core)
Article: Restrictions on HDD size

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25.8.2003 2:40
New article (translated) - Remaking of MB / adapters for support of FCPGA/FCPGA2-processors.
20.8.2003 0:05
New datasheets in Datasheets :).
19.8.2003 10:38

The folowing BIOSes are available on our site (most full in INTERNET):

Acorp - more that on official site (available all earliest motherboards)

A-trend (An official site is unavailable )

LuckyStar (An official site is unavailable)

Main difference of this site from many others resourses is a full listing of the models, newest versions (even newer than on official site often), "newest" versions is not a versions that have last date or number (as expirienced) but I analyze all 'newest' builds by BIOS-code (in some cases I can decompile it and analyze). It's necesary to say that besides official roms you can find its patched versions (BIOS Patcher ver. 4.1. + optimization of BIOS Setup).

Last patcher version is 4.10. It is RELISE version for platforms below: Pentium 1 - Socket7 (SuperSocket7), Pentium II / III - Slot1 & Socket370 (PPGA/FCPGA/FCPGA2). For Pentium 4 - Socket423/Socket478 Х AMD K7 - Slot A, Socket A (Socket462) - in process of testing. Also I want to mention that on P4 all works properly but on AMD - it is only in bugs verification mode (there are many new features, but haven't done yet). That is why if you want to use patcher for Socket A - use old version (4.00.RC.F).

Changes (from "F") - fixed many little bugs (not only for AMD). Fixed error with WriteAllocate for K6-2/K6-III/+, that has in all old versions.

Next files should be in patcher's directory by default: cbrom, lha and reall.cod. ATTENSION! You should'nt use CBROM ver. 2.15 (it seems that it is the newest) - it's not correct working with many BIOSes so it's better to use ver.2.07 (works all Bioses even with the newest AWARD).

Recommendations - if you've patched your Bios and it's working correctly - it's better to patch it again with "/s" key (disable "undo"). For all people who have experience in this business I can advise everytime use this key (as I do:).


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BIOS Patcher
The description of BIOS Patcher
for AMD K7-platform (Socket A) and Pentium4-platform (Socket423/478) patcher still testing (
In the directory with patched file must be:
cbrom.exe ver.2.07
(ver. 2.15 do not recommended!)
ver. 4.10
(see news)
Not recommended for AMD K7 (tested)

ver. 4.00.RC.F
Add AMD K7-platform Support:
- Athlon K7, K75, T-bird, Palomino, 4, MP, XP, T-bred, Barton
- Duron Spitfire, Morgan
Add SSE-init
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